We, the women of the Women International Democratic Federation Steering Committee that convened in Pyongyang on April 19th-23rd, 2018 agreed upon the following:

The imperialist war is the solution for the exploitative system to increase its profits in case this is not possible by the commercial war and the anti- people measures.

From this point of view, contradictions are intensified in areas economically and geo-strategically important for the interests of business groups and for intra-imperialist competitions. Such areas are the South Pacific and the Sea of China, the Artic, Latin American regions and Africa. It seems that South East Mediterranean and Balkans are of strategic importance.
The imperialists divide the world by spreading death and refugees. That is why they cultivate nationalistic and religious hatred among the people.

The imperialist war in Syria has been going on for seven years now, costing hundreds of thousands of dead people, pillions of refugees and immigrants. The real causes of the war are Syria’s geographical location and its wealthy resources. Our thought lies with the people of Syria and the people of the region who face the escalation of the imperialist aggression of the United States, United Kingdom, France and their allies NATO and the European Union. We are at risk of a generalized war.

The murderous state of Israel continues for decades now the occupation of the Palestinian territories and tortures the brave Palestinian people with settlements, murders, thousands of political prisoners.

Cyprus remains for 44 years now under Turkish occupation and splitted, while the Cyprus issue remains an international issue of foreign invasion and occupation. The escalation of Turkish aggression with its constant challenges in the Aegean and against Cyprus intensifies the people´s concern in the region.

NATO, this imperialist mechanism is responsible for the massacre of the peoples of the entire planet since it was founded in 1949. It is the civil-military alliance of the US and the European capitalist states. Wherever NATO goes, it spreads war and destruction. It is the murderous machine of the imperialists. It does not recognize borders and sovereign rights.

The last NATO Summits on 2016 and 2017 decided to gather huge military and modern weapons in eastern and central Europe and Baltic countries as well as to strengthen the naval forces in the black sea, the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean. The EU-NATO plan to surround militarily Russia is fully in progress while their competition has been escalating. NATO troops are currently being deployed in the whole perimeter of Russian borders.

We, women of European organizations of WIDF unite our voices against every imperialist war. We have no interest in the wars that the monopolies design and are implemented by the governments that serve them through participating in NATO´s and the EU´s bloodstained mechanisms.

We must not let our blood and our children´s blood spill over the interests of the industrialists, bankers, ship-owners that are being served by states or international organizations.
The concepts of “independence” and “sovereignty” should mean for us that our peoples will have the right to define their present and future on their own, to defuse the wealth the produce in a society that they have the power themselves.

For the WIDF organizations, the defense of the country is not limited to the defense of sovereign rights. For this reason, we connect the defense of our homeland with the struggle for liberation from the imperialist plans; with the overthrow of the power of monopolies and multinational companies; with the construction of a society where the wealth won´t belong to the few, but it will be the people´s property. The economy will function according to a centralized plan controlled and checked by the workers themselves; aiming at serving, the people´s needs rather, than increasing the monopolies profits. In this society, the equality and emancipation of women will be realize according to our struggles.

We express our full solidarity with the Syrian people who face the barbarity of an endless imperialist war.

We stand by the side of Palestinian people and women, who are struggling to live in a free homeland, with the people´s dominance, at the borders of 1967 and East Jerusalem as capital.

We express our solidarity with the Cypriot people, both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, in their struggle to put an end to the occupation, for a reunited Cyprus, reunited people and country, demilitarized, with one single sovereignty, one citizenship, one international entity, free from guardians, guarantors, foreign bases and troops.

We demand:
-No involvement of our countries in imperialist plans and wars.
-No involvement in the military - political alliance of the capitalist.
- The disengagement of our countries from NATO and from any war European Union plans. No troops outside the borders of our country to attack other countries.
-The closure of all NATO bases and the elimination of all nuclear weapons in our region including those of Israel.

Considering that fundamental economic and social rights of women are under attack in this moment in Europe, we intensify our countries for:

-Policies aimed at eliminating violence against women in all its forms and supporting the women´s struggle against all forms of oppression and violence on women;
-Measures to secure human living conditions and asylum to refugees and migrant people and the possibility for them to travel to the countries they desire; effective policies aimed at eliminating the international trafficking in human beings, specially trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution;
-Economic and social policies aimed and eliminating injustices, inequalities, discriminations and abuses that are inherent in the capitalist order: we should focus at stable and permanent work with all social security and working rights, entire maternity protection with public and free of charges social services.
-Building and consolidating peaceful relations between countries, based on the principles of cooperation and mutual benefit, rejecting all forms of imperialism, domination, primacy, discrimination and subordination and terrorism;
-The enlightenment against imperialism.
-The crusing of the neo- Nazi/ neo fascist resurgence in the heart of Europe, which have been supported by the bourgeois for their interests, as in Ukraine.

Pyongyang, April 23rd, 2018.