Maria Lisa Cinciari Rodano

Maria Lisa Cinciari

"Con la fundación de la FDIM teniamos la esperanza de aportar a construir un nuevo mundo y la conquista plena de los derechos de las mujeres"

Linda Matar

Linda Matar

"Seguiremos demostrando que los sueños no se miden por la edad, estos continúan mientras haya un corazón latiendo"

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Melida Anaya Montes

"En los momentos mas dificiles hay que tener la mente fria y el corazon ardiente de amor por la poblacion"

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Vilma Espín

"Una gran maestra de la vida, distinguida por su amor y de dedicación a la obra de la revolución"

The Federation of Greek Women (OGE) strongly condemns the Israeli massacre of the Palestinian people at the Gaza boarders yesterday, May 14, 2018 where the Israeli soldiers brutally murdered in cold blood 50 Palestinians (among them youths) and injured 2500 more that protested against the inauguration of the USA embassy in Jerusalem and the official nomination of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

We heavily condemn the USA decision to transfer their embassy to Jerusalem the day that 70 years ago the great uprooting of the Palestinians began. This decision encourages the brutality of the Israeli state.

It is no coincidence that those that murder a whole people for so many years now, they extend their plans with the latest missile attack in Syria. It is evident that they are upgrading their aggression in the wider area.

Furthermore they do not spare of praising the “diversity” which they are supposedly respecting through the song they presented and won at the Eurovision while they forbid to an entire people to have their own homeland, when they kill and imprison young children, destroy whole villages, continue their settlements.

Our thought is always on the Palestinian women,
- Who see their children being murdered in cold blood by the Israeli army
- Who themselves and their children are dying in the Israeli prisons under unacceptable living conditions under isolation
- While the Wall of shame separates their land and their villages and makes their lives miserable
- While they are violently removed from their homes.

We therefore continue our action uncompromisingly by supporting the righteous struggle of the Palestinian people and women and at the same time highlighting that those who argue and support the murderous state of Israel are not other than the USA, NATO and the EU. Among them is the Greek Syriza/Anel government which upgrades the economic and military relations with Israel and refuses to recognize the Palestinian State.

OGE will always be on the side of the Palestinian people, anticipating every effort to incriminate its resistance and action in the name of “terrorism”. Real terrorist against the people is the imperialism that spreads wars, poverty, refugees. That’s why the struggle of the Palestinian people is not only their own, it is also ours.

OGE will express its solidarity with the Palestinian women until their final victory. Until the end of the Israeli occupation of their homeland, the release of the political prisoners, the settlements thrown down, the pulling down of the Wall of shame, until all the refugees
return to their homes.

We will be beside them uncompromisingly until they have their own independent Palestinian State at the 1967 boarders and with East Jerusalem as their capital.

Federation of Greek Women (OGE)
May 15, 2018